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Trail Difficulty Ratings

Please Note:
  • If you observe trail conditions we should be aware of please Contact Us
  • Before going on a hike, read the sections below on difficulty levels and caveats to understand the trail descriptions
  • Check the Trail Notices on the News page for trail condition updates

Difficulty Levels and Caveats

Please note that you should always be prepared and comfortable for any outdoor activity.
  • You should have proper footwear and clothing and carry a whistle.
  • Take a snack and water for a longer walk.
  • Make sure someone knows where you are, and when you expect to be back. You can leave a note in your car with your hiking information.

Difficulty Level

  • Difficulty level 1: A walking trail, suitable for the general public, including wheel chair and disabled accessibility. Difficulty level 1 trails are suitable for horses, hikers and bikers.
  • Difficulty level 2: A hiking trail, suitable for the general public with a reasonable degree of fitness. But not suitable for persons with mobility challenges (wheelchairs, wlakers, etc.). Suitable for hikers, horses, or bicycles. Footing is secure, grades are manageable for the general public and stairs and boardwalks that are in good repair are used in the more challenging sections.
  • Difficulty level 3: A hiking trail for those in good physical condition. These trails are suitable for the general public with an above average level of fitness. Level 3 trails may be suitable for horses if so indicated. There may be steep grades and steps. The footing may be treacherous in wet conditions.
  • Difficulty level 4: A trail you need to plan for. These trails are suitable only for the fit hiker and may involve steep climbs or difficult terrain. They are not suitable for horses. Extreme mountain biking may be possible. Rope climbs to assist in steep or slippery slopes may be involved.
  • Difficulty level 5: A challenge and an adventure. These are trails suitable only for the most fit and well-equipped hiker. These trails typically involve steep climbs and difficult terrain.


  1. While we try to verify the information presented by actual hiking and observation, we cannot guaranty the accuracy of our information. By using this information you agree to save harmless the JDF Community Trails Society and use this information at your own risk.
  2. The JDF Community Trails Society does not necessarily verify access restrictions, if any, to any trails described. While efforts are made to follow traditional and established trail routes, some trails may involve trespass on private property or other restrictions. Routing information provided by the Society does not imply permission.