Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society JdF Trails

Walks in the Juan de Fuca and Sooke area

With permission of the Rural Observer and Rosemary Jorna
Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society

Here is an inventory of local trails and walks in the Sooke /Juan de Fuca area that are easy to moderate in length and footing. Be on the lookout for wildlife and other trail users. Please take your garbage home with you. Enjoy!

  • Park at the Ella Road beach access for a beach walk.
  • Park at the Whiffin Spit and walk the Whiffin Spit to the lighthouse and back. Or check for a low tide to walk along the beach past the Sooke Harbour House to the stairs up to Austin Place. Return along Deerlepe Rd and turn right to the Whiffin Spit parking lot. This is a boulder beach with interesting rocks. Watch your footing and enjoy the seals and sea birds.
  • Park at Ed Macgregor Park parking area on West Coast Road. Enjoy the pier , board walk and shore.
  • Park at Phillips Road just before Sunriver Way and enjoy a 1.5 km nature trail along the Sooke River.
  • The Galloping Goose
    Park on Sooke River Road at Charters Creek and check out the new Salmon Interpretative Centre. Proceed under the trestle and left up to the Galloping Goose. Cross the Charters Creek Trestle and take an immediate right to the Owl Trail down to Sooke River Road, right again back to your car. A walk through old growth Big Leaf Maple and maturing second growth. Thanks to Dr Joyce Clerihue and the CRD for its recent acquisition as an addition to the Sooke Hills Sea to Sea Blue Green Belt. Go to the right on the Galloping Goose to the Todd Creek trestle and back. If the creek is low, cross the trestle, turn right and follow the horse ford trail back to the Galloping Goose. There are spectacular wild flowers in the spring.
  • Park at the Sooke Potholes Regional Park for many wanders near the Sooke River
    At upper parking lot (Barnes Station) proceed onto the Goose and immediately to the right to follow Mary Vine Creek to a waterfall. Many Hikes in the Sooke Hills beyond.
  • Park on West Coast Rd at Coopers Cove and walk the Goose towards Roche Cove for great views of the Sooke Basin.

Flowering Currant
East Sooke
  • Park on Gillespie Road at Roche Cove. Walk on the Galloping Goose towards Matheson Lake; take the Cedar Gove Trail through the deep woods parallel to the Goose; or follow the path along Matheson Creek to Matheson Lake. For a long hike follow the trail around Matheson Lake.
  • Park on East Sooke Road off Seagirt Road and follow trails in the Ponds Community Park.
  • Park at end of Pike Road and follow the trail to Iron Mine Bay; enjoy old growth forest, sea stars, anemones and views.
  • Park at Aylard Farm parking lot at East Sooke Park and proceed to the beach; go left around Point for excellent views or go right to the petro glyphs and return. Enjoy many much longer hikes with varying levels of difficulty in East Sooke Park.

Otter Point
  • Park at William Simmons Memorial Park (Otter Point Rd turn in at the Sooke Business park). Take the Butler Trail Loop around the Woods to power lines, proceed back via Young Lake Rd. Or take the Panama Trail into the Park. Go to the picnic area, Poirier Lake overlook and horse meadow. Or follow the Wieland trail south to the single track forest trails on Broom Hill for much longer walks.
  • Park on Otter Point Road at Farmer Road and take the King Creek Trail . Crossing King Creek can be a challenge after heavy rain. The trail continues straight then around “The Llama Loop” to return the same way. Or after crossing King Creek turn left to Kemp Lake Road and back (Leash your dog when you enter the last single track segment as you pass a farm)
  • Park just west of 8639 West Coast Road for a beach walk along Gordon's Beach.
  • Park on the west side of the Muir Creek Bridge. Walk back across the bridge and left for a walk in old growth forest; or walk down to the beach and right along the shore to see the fossils, great views of the Straits.

Shooting Star
Shirley/Jordan River
  • Park in lot at the end of Sheringham Point Road for the Sheringham Point Loop Trail through the woods; or take a look at Sheringham Point Lighthouse.
  • Follow Seaside Drive to the beautiful little sandy thumb nail of Flea Beach.
  • Park at French Beach Provincial Park for picnic area, beach walks.
  • Park at the end of Fishboat Bay Road, a jewel of a little beach with sand at low tide.
  • Park at lot west of Sandcut Creek. A great trail through signature West Coast forest to a spectacular wild beach featuring a waterfall and wild view planes. Thanks to Alex Campbell and JDF EA Regional Director Hicks, the CRD and TLC for the purchase of this land and the surfing beach at Jordan River for parks.
  • Park along West Coast Rd at Jordan River for the surfing beach. Watch the tide tables and follow the beach along Jordan River towards First Creek, China Beach. The mortgage is still due on this Park until 2016. Consider a donation to the CRD or TLC to help the purchase along
  • China Beach Juan de Fuca Provincial Park provides an accessible wild beach. Further west is Mystic Beach, beautiful wild beach.
  • Park at Sombrio Beach, a Wild beach, with surfing, slot canyon, caves, sea mammals.

Skunk Cabbage
Port Renfrew
  • Park at Botanical Beach, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park and enjoy loop trails to Botanical Bay Beach. Try for low tide, to see tide pools, sea life.
  • Park at the Beach Camp between the Gordon and San Juan Rivers and enjoy the scenery and a beach walk.
  • Avatar Grove - seek directions to Avatar Grove off the Gordon River from the Ancient Forest Alliance. Thanks to the Ancient Forest Alliance for getting the grove protected status.
  • Visit Fairy Lake on the Circle Route.
  • or ask at the tourist info centre about the Lens Creek trail on San Juan River and the John Quinn Trail.