Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society JdF Trails

About Us
The Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society is a coalition of hikers, cyclists and equestrians working to create and promote a legacy of community trails in the District of Sooke and the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area.

  • The Admiral's Forest
    A new 58-acre community park in Otter Point is almost a reality but we need your help. This new park, informally called the Admiral's Forest, is part of a wildlife corridor from the hills to the ocean and will be an ideal place for the community to enjoy nature. It already has a number of trails ideal for walking and horse riding.  Read more  May 2022
  • Semi-Urban Trail Development on Vancouver Island
    The Otter Point district near Sooke on Vancouver Island is one of the many areas in British Columbia where any notion of backcountry, is fast being swallowed up by development.  Read more  October 2020
  • COVID-19
    COVID -19 and the order from the provincial health authority that it is critical to keep up social distancing means that the Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society's April Hikes are cancelled.  Read more  March 2020
  • Sooke Urban Trails
    The Juan de Fuca Community Trails Society has been working with the District of Sooke to develop and sign an Urban Trail System. These trails make use of existing Sooke parks, trails and sidewalks as much as possible.  Read more  March 2020
  • Ticks and Lyme's disease
    The Juan de Fuca Community Trails ur Hikers have been experiencing a lot of tick activity lately and have wondered what is the best way to deal with one if it gets far enough to latch on. Ev and her doctor handled it the best way possible. Our thanks to Ev who has shared her experience.  Read more  January 2019
  • Horne Rd to Goodmere Rd Community Trail
    A new community trail was built between Horne Rd and Goofmere Rd with the help of JDF CTS voulnteers.  Read more   February 2017
Upcoming Events

For the latest information on upcoming events, please see our Facebook Group page.

COVID-19 Hiking Guidelines
When COVID-19 restrictions allow us to hike we follow the following Provincial guidelines for participation:
  • If you've been out of province in the last 14 days, please stay home
  • If you have been ill in the last 14 days or are the least bit under the weather, please stay home
  • We will ask all participants to sign in so that we know who to contact if an infection occurs in the community
  • Maintain a 2 metres (2 hiking pole lengths) from those outside your regular bubble. On the hike please watch your distancing and all reposition when asked. Please ask your neighbour to reposition if you feel crowded.